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Flexible and cost effective

Modern technology has made it possible to quickly produce audio Scriptures that can be accessible at any time of the day or night without having to wait for a scheduled radio or TV broadcast.  A variety of devices makes it possible for groups and well as individuals to listen to the Word of God in their own language, and guided strategies for listening groups can easily take people from simply hearing Scripture to deeply engaging with it.  

The impact of audio Scriptures is well documented, and recordings can be used in many ways by groups as well as by individuals.  If Scripture is available in the vernacular, then producing an audio recording of it is a must-do item. Several organizations are ready to assist in the whole process from production to implementing group-based listening programs which use approaches that have been refined over the years:  

Faith Comes By Hearing:

Audio Scripture Ministries:

Talking Bibles:

Audio-visual Scripture apps for smartphones and tablets:

Scriptures available in various digital and printed media:  

In English:
In Spanish:

Click here to go to “Radio:  Scripture engagement open to the entire community,” or first take a moment to tell us how audio Scriptures have impacted your life. 

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