God’s Word is going out across the world in many forms of media. Consider this:  

Diana lived in a small Huallaga Quechua village with her mother and her quadriplegic older sister.  As a young child, she listened to her older brother’s radio broadcast every morning at 5:00 AM.  This Quechua radio program became her daily spiritual food.  At age 8 she knew more about the Bible than most of the villagers who attended the same church.  Later, as a young adult she was able to realize her dream to produce a radio program for Quechua children.  Her program was called "Jirish" (Hummingbird).  She designed the program as a dialogue between her and a hummingbird.  The multi-format program included elements such as riddles (which Quechua people love), songs and Bible stories.  Within just two months between 8,000 and 12,000 Quechua children were listening to the program.  It wasn’t long before their parents were hooked on Jirish as well.  Whole families would sit together to listen to God's Word in their own language. 

Have you ever watched a well done movie or drama, and been so caught up in it that you were reacting to it almost as if you were there in the life which the actors were portraying?  Or have you ever listened to a song that so beautifully expressed what was on your heart that it caused you to weep?  Or have you ever listened to a radio drama or radio talk show in which you became so involved with what was being said that you kept making comments to the radio or to other listeners around you?  Media is a powerful tool for presenting the message of Scripture in ways that connect deeply with people’s hearts and minds through culture, language and life to tell a story that is so powerful it can even re-calibrate people’s internal moral compass.

Media for Scripture Engagement

The Bible and people’s experiences are rich in stories that are just waiting to be told in the many forms of media that are locally available in any given ethnic community.  The word ‘media’ often refers to audio, photographic and video forms of media, but many kinds of media can be special for a given ethnic community:  music, song, drama, dance, drawing, painting, carving, calligraphy, weaving, embroidery, sculpture, and verbal arts such as poetry, proverbs, storytelling, eulogies and exhortations ---to name just a few.  In addition to all of these, there is also the all important medium of conversation to talk about the messages and impact of media.  

On the following pages is an overview of some of the ways that media is being used for Scripture access and engagement in the Americas.  Some of these focus on media as a platform for communication, while others focus on media content that can be presented using one or more media platforms.  Media strategies with long-term impact and sustainability tend to utilize multiple types of media platforms and content. 

Click here to go to “Audio Scripture:  Flexible and cost effective,” or first take a moment to tell us how media has been influential in your life or in the lives of people in your community: 

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