Biblical Key Terms

The Biblical Key Terms Workshop:
Equipping Leaders to Go Deeper with God

Imagine this:

We are walking through a town park in an area that is known for its predominantly indigenous population. In one part of the park we see a large group of people gathered so we go over to see what is happening there. As we draw near to the group, we realize that it is an outdoor church service, and the preacher is speaking in the local language. As cultural outsiders, unfortunately we don’t understand even a single word of the local language. However, the amazing thing is that as we stand there listening, it seems that we can almost understand what the preacher is saying because he keeps using words in the national language that we recognize --- words such as “forgiveness of sin,” “justification,” “eternal life in heaven,” “Holy Spirit,” “salvation by grace,” “blessings of love, mercy and justice,” and “Kingdom of God.”

As the meeting comes to a close, we are puzzled. It seemed like quite a few key words found in the Bible were in the national language and all the in-between words were in the local language. Since the audience appears to be people who primarily speak the local language, why isn’t the pastor using the local language? Shouldn’t the most important words be in the “heart language” of the local people?

Unfortunately, this is a vignette from real life. And even more unfortunately, in this case the pastor could have been using a translation of the Bible into the mother tongue of his audience so that he would know how to say the “big” words in the way that his audience would readily understand them. So what’s going on here?

The “big” words in the above story are called “biblical key terms.” They are like keys which unlock the wonderful meaning of the great truths of the Bible.

If we were to ask the pastor why he used the biblical key terms in the national language rather than in the local “heart language,” or why he didn’t use the translation of the Bible that is available in the local language, the most common answer would be: “They didn’t teach me that in seminary.” Another answer we might hear is, “Because my job is to explain what the words mean in the national language.” And if we were to gently probe a bit, we might also discover that even though the pastor knows how to speak the local language, he may not know how to read it and is embarrassed to admit to that.

God has given his Holy Scriptures to us so that people of every generation everywhere can come to know the wonderful truths about him and what he has done for us so that we can experience his peace and strength, and have wisdom for every aspect of life. The power of these great truths requires understanding the Bible’s key terms well enough so that they are truly at home in our hearts and minds. This will enable us to meditate deeply on them so that they can speak to every area of our life. The purpose is not merely to have a vocabulary lesson in the national language, but rather to experience the beauty and awesome power of God’s message in the “heart language” in a way that transforms us.

The Biblical Key Terms Workshop will enrich your life in a wonderfully unforgettable way. This workshop is designed for people who speak an indigenous language for which the Holy Scriptures are available, and who would like to discover the richness of meaning of the Bible’s key terms in their local language. As we study the key terms of Scripture together and look at how these have been translated into the local language, we discover that the message of God’s Word is even greater and more life-changing than we ever thought.

Imagine how joyful you would be to find a key to unlocking a chest full of treasure. That’s similar to how you will feel as the Biblical Key Terms Workshop helps you to open up the wonderful riches of God’s Word in your local language, and enables you to bring that same understanding to others.

A basic requirement for this workshop is that each participant will have access to a translation of the New Testament in his or her indigenous language.

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