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A Personal WiFi Transmitter for Sharing Scripture

The BibleBox is a closed WiFi system that can offer content you choose —audio, video, apps, text and images— to anyone that connects to it via WiFi. When a user connects and opens their browser, they are automatically redirected to the homepage that looks like a webpage.

The BibleBox can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablet. It acts just like an Internet site, but in fact it is not connected to the Internet. 

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The BibleBox is available in two versions. The portable BibleBox is a battery operated router, about the size of a deck of cards. It is perfect for carrying on village visits, trips to markets, and outdoor events. It has a range of about 30 meters and can handle up to 10 users connected simultaneously. The range is reduced by obstructions, and cement walls greatly impede the signal.


The stationary BibleBox is a normal-sized router that plugs into an electrical socket. It is best suited for permanent set up in an office, clinic, church, store or similar setting. It has a range of about 50 meters and can handle up to 30 users simultaneously. Again, the range is reduced by obstructions, and cement walls significantly impede the signal.

How the BibleBox Works

The BibleBox is an off-the-shelf WiFi router that has been modified so that it makes available to others only what you have loaded onto it. Simply plug a USB flash drive (also known as a "thumb drive") into your computer, copy onto the USB flash drive whatever content you wish to make available to others, and then plug the flash drive into the BibleBox.

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The BibleBox menu has six categories of items: Bible, Books, Audio, Video, Images and Apps.  To make your materials available to people who connect via WiFi to your BibleBox, simply copy your items into the corresponding folders on the thumb drive. For example, if you wish to offer the book of Mark as a PDF file, all you have to do is copy that PDF file to the "Books" folder on the USB flash drive, plug the flash drive into the BibleBox, and turn on the BibleBox. Within a minute, anyone connected to the BibleBox can view or download that PDF onto their device. Please watch this tutorial video to see how it's done.

Modifying the BibleBox Interface

Can the interface be modified or changed to another language? Absolutely! Anyone who can edit an HTML file can open the "index.html" file and modify the interface. In fact, the BibleBox only uses four html files, making it possible to change the language of the interface in usually just a few hours.  

Availability of the BibleBox

The BibleBox is a "do-it-yourself" project.  There are only two things to purchase and both can be bought from sources such as

If you want the portable version, purchase a TP-Link MR3040 and a SanDisk Ultra Fit thumb drive (at least 16gb)

For the stationary version, purchase a TP-Link WR842ND and a SanDisk Ultra Fit thumb drive (at least 16gb)

Once you have the router and thumb drive in hand, go to There you will find step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process. It should take approximately  30 minutes to follow all the steps and have a functional BibleBox up and running.

Take some time to browse around the website. There are a lot of great tips and usage suggestions there.

If you really need a BibleBox but are uncomfortable building your own, contact Marty and he can walk you through the process.


Getting people to connect to the BibleBox is very important. The SSID, or the name that people see when they are looking for an open WiFi network, is very important. If you are trying to get the general public to connect, you might want to change the SSID to "Free-WiFi". If the BibleBox is set up in an office or store, you might wish to use "Storename-Wifi" as the SSID. Changing the SSID is as easy as editing a text file! You can find this tip and many more at

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