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Links and Resources Mentioned in the presentation "Using Smartphones In Ministry" (English version) - presented at COMIBAM 2017

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Download the presentation - Using Smartphones In Ministry - PDF

Mobile Ministry Forum - dedicated to getting the Good News out via mobile technology

Bibles and Audiovisual Materials - Find Bibles and Scripture-based media in any language of the world. - Read and listen to the Bible in over a thousand languages. - Watch and download the JESUS film in over a thousand languages. Watch other interesting videos there too.

Readings and Guides for Ministry Using Smartphones

Mobile Ministry Made Easy - PDF

Survey Report - "La Voz de la Nueva Generación"

Action Paper - Now What? Follow up suggestions to the survey "La Voz de la Nueva Generacion"

App Building

Scripture App Builder and Reading App Builder (RAB) - Video Tutorials

Scripture App Builder

Reading App Builder


MIT App Inventor

Studies mentioned in the presentation

We look at our cellphone 221 times a day

World Population under 15 years old in 2017

Mobile Technology Usage Statistics - January 2017

Youth watch YouTube 2x more than television

August 2017 - Most Current Statistics on World Population, Internet users and Social Media users

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Infographic comparing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates Virtual Reality advances in early 2017

Examples of how ARKit is being used to create Augmented Reality content for iOS and Mac

Examples of how ARCore is being used to create Augmented Reality content for Android


Resources and Helps from Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF)

Quote by Francis Schaeffer

What is WhatsApp?

Article About SMS Short Codes