Culina Audio New Testament Recording Completed in Peru

Praise God for a major milestone achieved in Peru by our brothers who have been creating a dramatized audio recording of the Culina New Testament.

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Recording - day 27, Mon Oct 19,15, 5:30pm. Yeah!!! We reached 100% - we've recorded all the parts! Cesar finished it...

Posted by Jim Boyer on Monday, October 19, 2015

Thirteen Culina men and two women left their farms and families to spend 27 days of recording in Pucallpa to make this vision a reality. They all did double-duty, narrating and listening intently to the passages already recorded to check for errors or missing passages.

This recording, along with the printed New Testament will give thousands of Culinas on both sides of the border access to God's Word in their mother tongue, whether they can read or not.