New Life Media Services Team Leader

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“Growing up among Awakatek people of Guatemala, I gained an appreciation for how indigenous people see life and the world in a very holistic manner. Later, as an adult, my wife and I served among the Western Pokomam people of Guatemala, and it was there that we discovered the importance of media. We were amazed that people didn’t seem interested in literature in their mother tongue. I’ll never forget the literacy campaign that nobody came to! However, when we filmed a Pokomam group dramatizing a contextualized version of the Prodigal Son story, and when we went from village to village presenting portions of the Luke video in the Pokomam language— their positive response was instrumental in showing us that audio-visual media was needed to help them engage with Scripture. It was in this way that I became passionate about media production which brings together the best of everything we have learned about Scripture engagement, native worldview, orality and contextualization to create resources that have the potential of reaching whole people groups and countries.”

Rick and his wife have four children. Their favorite family activities include mountain biking, cooking, enjoying time with friends, and a variety of creative arts.

In addition to years of practical experience in media development and interfacing with international media ministries, Rick brings to our team’s media initiative a life-long appreciation of native peoples, their cultures and languages based on growing up among the Awakatek people, collaborating with Mayans in Bible translation and Scripture engagement, and having been a key player in the development media parter Viña Studios in Guatemala. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Viña Association, and is the founding Board President of Ethno Media Associates, a US non-profit that provides a strategic link for US residents and ministries to more effectively partner with foreign national field-based media ministries. (See ethnoma.org.)

Rick speaks English, Spanish and Kaqchikel. He holds a BA in Bible from LeTourneau University, and has experience in community reconstruction and development following the disastrous 1976 earthquake in Guatemala.