Mobile Technology Services Team Leader

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“While traveling in Spain as a university student, one day I was walking with a group of Spanish teenagers. We happened to pass an evangelistic tent meeting, and one of the other teens commented, ‘I'd never be caught dead in there! Let's go home and watch TV.’ That was an “Ah-ha!” moment when I realized the importance of media for reaching out to people with the life-transforming message of God’s Word. I also realized that this media would not only have to be biblically accurate, but would also have to be culturally appropriate, speaking God's incomparable truth directly to the heart of the listeners. Every day I am energized by opportunities to help people find new ways to engage with the Scriptures through media, especially on their mobile devices. I love it when people who I have been equipping finally realize that they are now ready to do amazing things with their new media skills that can impact the life of their people now and forever. It's exciting to see how they take ownership of the vision to produce Scripture-based media in ways that are biblical, culturally relevant and in the mother tongue. I love it when they realize that God has granted them the ability to step out on their own to create radio programs, videos or audio dramas in their language.

Marty has been happily married for more than 20 years and has four children. He and his wife grew up in Alaska, which they still consider “home.” Some of his favorite activities include family kayak outings and fishing.

Marty is currently leading the mobile technology initiative for the Scripture engagement team of SIL Americas Area. His focus is on helping churches and our indigenous partners to understanding how to leverage mobile technology to draw people into God's Word in their heart language. Marty is coordinating a partnership initiative to carry out a multi-national survey of indigenous youth in order to measure how they think about and use cellphone technology. He is also developing training in Spanish for those who are interested in learning how to leverage this technology so that indigenous believers can produce their own Scripture engagement mobile strategies and apps, and to equip them to be able to multiply this training through others. Marty also serves as Webmaster for various Peruvian partner ministries, and is an active board member of Viña Studios in Guatemala and ILMAV in Peru.

Marty serves SIL International as a Vernacular Media Specialist.  He created the first version of the “Shell Videos Manual,” coordinated with the JESUS Film Project to design a portable recording system for dubbing Scripture videos into other languages, helped to establish a Scripture video dubbing ministry in Papua New Guinea, and did research and development for Vernacular Media Services. In Peru, Marty collaborated with various indigenous partner ministries to establish a Scripture video ministry, training in recording and production of audio dramas, radio programs and videos. He also helped to form ILMAV and ways to coordinate Scripture media projects with indigenous partner organizations. On a transnational level, Marty has served as SIL’s Vernacular Media Training Coordinator for Latin America, developing training on-line and in-person, as well as consulting with local media producers in Peru, Guatemala and Colombia.

Marty graduated from Biola University with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Radio and TV production.