Addiction Recovery Services Team Leader

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“What makes me so passionate about addiction recovery is seeing people connect with God through Scripture in ways that are genuinely life-changing in an ongoing relationship with Him. I love seeing them move from feeling hopeless to finding true peace, health, strength, stability, and freedom as they come to experience what God has for them. Regardless of however low they may have fallen in life, nothing is too hard for the Lord!  He delights in rescuing those whose traumatic pasts and bad choices have left them with the consequences of addiction but who are now ready to turn to the Lord so that they can begin a new life.”

Lynley and her family enjoy being involved in community theater productions when they get the opportunity. Lynley has done ministry in many parts of the world including Africa and Asia, and has been careful to teach her children to love Thai food as much as she does. Ever since Lynley was a teenager, she has been very active in leading Bible studies and sharing her passion for helping the hurting.

After college, Lynley and her husband spent their first year of marriage as teachers at an international Christian school in Sofia, Bulgaria. Later they had the privilege of serving in Russia and Central Asia. Currently Lynley serves in the Americas as an SIL Scripture Engagement Specialist, leading our team’s initiative in addiction recovery. She and her husband have helped two local churches to start Celebrate Recovery ministries, and she is managing SIL’s emerging partnership with the Indigenous Addiction Prevention Program (IAPP). Our long-term vision is to collaboratively develop events, products, and on-going support that enables local churches to become communities of recovery and new life.

Lynley has a Master of Arts degree in Sociolinguistics with an emphasis in Scripture Engagement; her undergraduate degree is in English Education.  She currently helps teach Scripture engagement at the Graduate School of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, Texas USA.  Lynley loves to read and always enjoys a good cup of coffee.