Ethno Arts Services Facilitator

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“It was through a relationship with native speakers of the Cheyenne language that I discovered their love of storytelling and how native words set to native music can result in Cheyenne spiritual songs that are deeply meaningful to them.  That discovery helped to fuel my life-long passion to collaborate with indigenous believers here in the Americas so that their peoples can experience Scripture in their heart languages in ways that renew their minds and stir their hearts as their native melodies and rhythms convey the truths of the Bible.”

Linda and her husband have five children and one grandchild.  Linda is a Bible storyteller, songwriter, teacher, linguist, editor, and translator, and is part of a Hispanic church plant team in Dallas, Texas USA.  She is bilingual in English and Spanish and speaks a smattering of K’iche’ (Guatemala), Tzeltal (Mexico), and Cheyenne (Oklahoma).  

Linda has taught linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, in extension courses of the Universidad Mariano Gálvez, and in bilingual educator training, and she has taught all grades (K-12) in primary and secondary schools.  She is co-creator of a children´s ministry that integrates chronological Bible storying, narrated story drama, Scripture songs, and character development using a variety of supporting strategies.  Linda loves setting Bible passages to music and has recorded over 100 original songs in the series Scripture Songs for Developing Godly Character in English and Spanish. 

Linda earned a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington and an undergraduate degree in Spanish Secondary Education from Asbury University.