New Life Literacy Services Team Leader

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“In my life and work with members of many different ethnic groups I have experienced how God uses various forms of literacy to put His law in our minds and to write His Word on our hearts as He promises in Jeremiah 31:33.  I first became interested in literacy as part of my training in education and linguistics, but it was during the years that we lived among the Camsa people in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, South America, that the Lord transformed that initial interest into a passionate commitment to be involved in developing strategies and materials which enable indigenous believers to use literacy as a culturally relevant tool to open the Scriptures and apply them to their lives. Truly, ‘the unfolding of [His] Word gives light,’ (Psalm 119:130).”

Katie and her husband have two children and three grandchildren.  Katie speaks English, Spanish and Camsá (Colombia), and has had the opportunity to experience life in 13 countries.  Her undergraduate degree is in Christian Education and Literature from Wheaton College, and her graduate studies have covered linguistics, reading education, multilingual education, curriculum design, cross-cultural education, and Montessori preschool education. 

Katie has served as a Literacy Consultant and Scripture Use Coordinator for SIL in Colombia, South America.  Language development projects she has served in have included working under Camsá leaders in the Camsá dictionary and other projects; facilitating and teaching workshops with people from over 40 indigenous groups in 7 countries on topics such as creative writing, poetry, curriculum and materials development for preschool, primary school and adult education on a variety of subjects; teacher training; bilingual education and curriculum design; basic and advanced literacy; cultural learning styles; and educational strategies for oral learners.  She has designed and taught a variety of Scripture engagement workshops on topics such as inductive Bible study, design and production of Christian Education materials, studies on Christian parenting and marriage, interpersonal communication, trauma healing, and the development of Sunday School program materials.