Adviser to the Scripture Engagement Services Team

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“I am passionate about helping people learn to appropriately apply Scripture everyday in their relationships, responsibilities and activities —in their cultures so that the world will know that Jesus is the one and only God and Savior.  I am grateful that I have been able to experience that as we allow God to shape our beliefs and guide our decisions through Scripture, his truth turns our fears, defeat, shame and confusion into strength, peace and a life that is truly satisfying.  That's something that I long for people of every culture to experience.”

Carletta served until recently as the National Training Coordinator for SIL in Peru, working with partner organizations to help build capacity for indigenously sustainable language development.  She has also been instrumental in developing the “Guide to Planning the Future of Our Language" as well as developing training for participatory methods.  Currently she is advising in both of these areas as well as helping to develop Scripture engagement strategies for oral learners in the area of in-depth spiritual formation and emotionally healthy leadership.