More than just a Book!

Millions of people think of God as being distant, uninvolved, uncaring, unfair and inconsistent. Many other people however, have discovered that just the opposite is true, and have had an unforgettable and transformational encounter with God our creator. How can this be?

The Bible ---the Holy Scriptures--- is God’s eternal message that speaks powerfully to every generation of people everywhere. It is unlike any other book. The message of the Bible has been maligned by some and distorted by others. Some people have even highjacked it to use it for their own purposes. We however, have found that God’s Holy Scriptures are a life-giving message of healing, comfort, peace, strength and guidance for a whole new way of life now and forever.

Interacting with God through the prayerful and receptive intake of his Scriptures is a life-changing interaction in which the Spirit of God ministers the Word of God in what is being called “Scripture engagement.” Many people have access to the Scriptures, and many even use the Scriptures in a variety of ways. Scripture engagement however, goes beyond the mere use of Scripture. It is interacting with God and his Word with an openness of heart and mind to learn from him, to know him, worship him, and to believe and obey him. As we open ourselves to God speaking to us through Scripture, we experience him quietly teaching us his ways, revealing more and more of his amazing grace for all peoples.

One of life’s great privileges is to join with God and his people to making God’s Word available in every language. Language communities where Scripture availability has been limited or non-existent are increasingly gaining access. The options for ways to engage with the Scriptures are greater in our day than ever before, and continue to grow.

Our team’s special concern is for the peoples of the Americas, many of whom have been largely overlooked or under-served by the Church. While Bible translators are working hard to provide basic access to the Scriptures in more of the 1000+ languages of the Americas, our team is dedicated to helping the peoples of the Americas go beyond Scripture access to Scripture engagement.

If you are on the life journey of interacting with God through his Scriptures, and if you are seeking to help make it possible for more of the peoples of the Americas to have that same kind of life-transforming interaction, we encourage you to check out this Web site to see if there is some way in which we could partner together.